By Anonymous - Posted on 09 September 2011

International Partners

As a global-minded university for research, graduate and postgraduate studies, INRS works with international partners on a number of projects geared toward research, education, and technology transfer. Our professors are in high demand for their expertise in the fields of water science, health sciences, urban studies, nanofabrication, ultra high-speed photonics, and telecommunications.

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International Agreements

In recent years, INRS has signed more than 50 international collaboration agreements with academic institutions in some 20 countries including France, Italy, Argentina, Tunisia, and Vietnam. Recently, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology renewed an educational partnership agreement with INRS allowing Vietnamese researchers to pursue master’s or doctoral studies at INRS.


International Networking

INRS encourages research partnerships that transcend national borders. Its research teams play an important role in a variety of international scientific networks, including