By anne-marie.dubois - Posted on 31 March 2020

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The measures undertaken to limit the spread of COVID-19 create a period of financial instability for many students from our community. INRS has created an emergency assistance program to support its students throughout this difficult situation.


As part of a first emergency assistance program for the 2020 winter semester, INRS provided financial support to several students who suddenly lost their jobs in March and were not eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Even with the announced resumption of specific activities and the relief measures offered by governments, the current health crisis caused by COVID-19 will have impacts in the coming months. Not only has the pandemic limited employment opportunities for students, but it has also delayed projects and internships, undermined their funding and delayed immigration processing. Given this situation, the INRS has decided to take action.


As of April 23, INRS announced its intention to provide compensation for the professors' research funds used to finance students' research projects. Scholarships that were supposed to be awarded to students from these funds should therefore be paid out as planned.






As part of its efforts to help students most affected by the situation, INRS is implementing a program to ensure minimum income or income replacement for people whose financial situation is impacted by the pandemic in the short term.


The program is designed for students who do not qualify for Canadian emergency benefits or equivalent programs.




Terms and conditions


  • Being in Québec or in a foreign country as a result of ongoing studies
  • Starting or continuing education at INRS during the summer of 2020 OR having to postpone it due to the pandemic.
  • Experiencing one of the following financial impacts as a result of the pandemic:
    • Decrease in revenue for the 2020 summer quarter.
    • See its expenses increase for the 2020 summer quarter
  • Experiencing financial insecurity due to the impacts described in the previous point




Assistance provided on a monthly basis


Part 1 - minimum income

INRS supports, for up to $1,000/month, students who:

  • Do not obtain an internal scholarship or an equivalent minimum income
  • Justify not being able to work or not finding a job



Part 2 - income supplement

INRS supports, for up to $500/month, students who:


  • Demonstrate that they cannot replace lost income or reduce additional expenses




Application process

  1. Complete this form and send it to the following email address:
  2. Attach to your application any documentation requested in the form.
  3. The INRS may perform verifications in your MEES financial assistance record and additional documents may be requested to determine your eligibility or your financial situation.
  4. An email reply will be sent to you as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please do contact the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Department at the following email address: