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Pascale Duplay

Biochimie moléculaire et cellulaire

Régulation des fonctions des cellules du système immunitaire et signalisation intracellulaire


Research interests


Multiple signaling pathways that link these T cell receptors to the cell interior are initiated and it is the integration of these signaling cascades that will determine the nature of the resulting cell response.

The long term objective of my research program is to gain a better knowledge of the molecular mechanisms leading to T cell activation. In particular, we wish to elucidate the role of a newly identified family of adaptor proteins, Dok, in regulating T cell activation, differentiation and homeostasis.













Dr. Pascale Duplay obtained her Doctorate in Biochemistry from the Université de Paris VII, France, in 1987. After her postdoctoral studies in the Dr. James P. Allison Laboratory, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, at Berkeley, University of California, she worked as a Research Assistant into the Institut Pasteur Molecular Immunology Unit, Dr. Oreste Acuto Laboratory, then as a researcher in Dr. P. Branton Laboratory, at McGill University, Montréal. She became professor at the INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier in 1996.  She is also in charge of the Flow Cytometry Laboratory.