How to find a research internship

Students from Quebec, the rest of Canada, and abroad are eligible for our paid undergraduate and graduate research internships. If you have completed one or more years of an undergraduate or graduate degree, our faculty members can include you on their teams!

Finding a supervisor

There are three main ways to find a faculty member to supervise you throughout your internship.

You can:

1. Check the list of available internships
2. Check the list of faculty members and their fields of expertise
3. Answer the “Find a research supervisor” questionnaire

Contacting your future supervisor

Once you’ve found a potential supervisor, you’ll need to ask them whether they can take you on as an intern. We recommend that you read our tips on establishing a good relationship before you contact them.

Checking educational equivalency

In Québec, an undergraduate degree corresponds to a bachelor’s and a graduate degree corresponds to either a master’s or a PhD. Make sure you have training at a level that qualifies you for the level of the internship you’re interested in, especially if you studied in another province or outside Canada. Check out our Degree Equivalency section.

Funding your internship

Your research supervisor will determine whether you qualify for a scholarship and, if so, the amount. INRS offers scholarships for undergraduate summer research internships.

Useful links

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