Community Services

As a member of the INRS community, you have access to resources designed to help you stay well, be safe, and make a positive contribution as a professor, employee, or student.

  • Our librarians help you to find the best information and documentation for your needs, support you in the production of your dissertations, theses and articles and ensure their distribution in our institutional digital repository
  • Our archivists help you save, organize, and manage your files as the institutional world transitions from paper to digital
  • Our IT specialists are there to help you with computers and information technology and keep INRS devices and systems safe
  • Our human resources team offers support if you are experiencing personal and professional challenges and makes sure INRS is free of harassment and sexual violence
  • Our graduate and postdoctoral services team has set up a substantial program to eliminate homophobia and transphobia
  • Our communications team keeps you informed about INRS closures that impact your activities, provides media relations advice, and keeps our online store (in French) stocked with a variety of INRS-branded items
  • Our safety officers protect you in the event of an emergency situation
  • Our legal affairs and material resources departments provide assistance for complaints involving public or private agreements.

See the specific sections to learn more about our community services.