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COVID-19: Conditions on Maintaining Work Activities


Given the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Quebec and the recommendations of the Direction de la santé publique, teleworking for a portion of INRS employees is maintained until further notice.

Last update: September 24, 2021


Each manager agrees on telework-family accommodation measures as required. The Information Resources Service (Service des ressources informationnelles) is responsible for progressively providing the necessary support so that employees can be functional in carrying out their tasks remotely.

Work services

Through a common agreement with all the unions, each staff member is mobilized to offer working arrangements allowing e-learning, where possible, as well as the maintenance of our administrative activities, in remote working mode. Only essential services are provided in person.

Access to buildings

Access to our facilities is restricted to individuals identified by management as delivering essential services.


All staff members are paid during working hours without additional compensation. Only hours worked outside normal working hours may be paid as overtime, according to the terms of the various collective agreements.


Each employee returning from a trip outside of Canada is required to observe a 14-day mandatory isolation period, as prescribed by Public Health. During this two-week period, the employee’s salary is maintained.

Each staff member returning from a stay outside Canada must comply with a 14-day isolation period, as prescribed by Public Health. During these two weeks, the salary of the staff member is maintained if this person is able to telework. Otherwise, she will have to use vacation days or days without pay during her isolation period. Each staff member can contact their insurer to obtain more information in relation to their personal situation.