Welcoming Foreign Students in the Context of COVID-19

You are currently abroad and are beginning or pursuing your studies or postdoctoral fellowship at INRS this fall or this winter? INRS is now ready to welcome you in its facilities! Regardless of your situation, INRS provides you with all the information you need to help you.

Welcome plan in response to COVID-19

Since October 20, 2020, INRS can once again welcome international students. Indeed, the travel restrictions have been eased. Consult the Travel exemptions and restrictions for international students section on the IRCC website.

The INRS has implemented a comprehensive plan to accompany you in preparing for your arrival in accordance with the requirements of Quebec and Canada’s public health authorities.

Consult the Information Guide

Before planning any travel, INRS invites you to consult the Information Guide which allows you to learn about the rules in effect and the elements to be taken into account before you decide to come.

Decide with your supervisor

  • If your travel is possible, you must notify the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Department of the decision by writing to sae@inrs.ca.
  • Your supervisor will then designate, with a copy to sae@inrs.ca, a person employed by INRS who will act as a support person to assist you in the preparations.
  • You must quickly prepare your quarantine plan with the help of the support person assigned to you.
  • Finally, you must send the quarantine plan to sae@inrs.ca as soon as possible.

Plan your arrival and your quarantine

Prepare your arrival at INRS

mentor will contact you shortly after your arrival to help you familiarize with your new environment. Each Centre provides you with a Welcome Guide to help you start and continue your formation at INRS.

Important government resources describing impacts of the pandemic on programs and travel: