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Thematic report

COVID-19: The Unpredictable Enemy

Friday the 13th : everything changes. At the beginning of March, thousands of Quebecers were enjoying the school break, but then, with the closure of schools, parks, restaurants and stores, society was put on hold. As Quebec goes into containment, the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wreak havoc on the most vulnerable.

With more than 500 new cases a day, the scientific community is actively fighting this virus. Researchers are helping with detection technology and the development of vaccines and antivirals. Others want to understand the impact of the pandemic’s stress on child development and the effects of the coronavirus on the brain.

Although the number of cases is declining in Quebec, the battle is not over. In addition to health challenges, society is also facing a sea of change. Researchers are questioning the future of the cultural sphere and the new dynamics of employment. In addition, online shopping, webinars and teleworking are forcing telecommunications services to adapt.

Discover INRS’s involvement in the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.