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Thematic report

The Scourge of Cancer

One out of two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. In Quebec alone, this represents 56,800 people and more than 225,800 new cases in Canada in 2020. How can we prevent and fight this scourge?

Whether it’s lung, prostate, pancreatic or breast cancer, it is a complex disease influenced by many factors. The type of cancer, its stage at the time of diagnosis, your age, your lifestyle, your environment, your medical history and the treatment you choose will all determine your prognosis and your chances of survival.

There is a lot of cancer research conducted at INRS. Epidemiologists, immunologists, nanoparticle experts, toxicologists and others are pursuing a common goal: to prevent and fight cancer, for which the number of cases continues to grow year after year. While some researchers are trying to improve the performance of drugs used in chemotherapy treatments or to mitigate their side effects, others are studying the impact of stress, sex life and the consumption of probiotics or antioxidants on the onset of the disease.

Find out more about our latest advances in cancer control and prevention.