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Record Management

The Archives and Document Management Department (SAGD) is the keeper of INRS’s history and collective and scientific memory. SAGD is also a valuable resource for administrative staff, who need to use the right tools and follow best practices for document processing and storage.


The department is responsible for implementing Constellio, a management application for paper and electronic documents, and rolling it out gradually to all INRS offices and departments. SAGD also produces useful reference material including manuals, guides, checklists, and videos on integrated document management.

DM Days

Staff from the Archives and Document Management Department take their document management expertise to our research centres during a series of visits known as DM Days (Journées GD). Activities range from training on a particular topic to one-on-one meetings, and all members of the univeristy community can take part at no cost.

Your questions answered

Our documentation and archiving specialists can answer just about any question you might have:

  • How long do I have to keep documents in my office?
  • How should I box them up (also referred to as record disposition)?
  • Can I keep electronic documents indefinitely?
  • Can I ask to see any document produced at INRS?
  • How should I file documents on my department’s server?
  • How should electronic documents be named so they are easy to locate?
  • What is the best way to archive emails?
  • And more!

Who has the answers? Each research and training centre has resource staff trained in using Constellio. to find out which of your co-workers have completed the training. For all other questions about archives and documentation, contact the SAGD team.

An enthusiastic team, ready to help

Have questions? Need help? Our archivists and documentation technician are available Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

François Cartier
Phone: 450-687-4115

Caroline Charette
Phone: 450-687-4116

Jeanne Darche
Phone: 450-687-4114

You can also email us at