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Strategic Planning

The INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique) contributes to the advancement of multidisciplinary basic and applied research in strategic areas. It trains the next generation of skilled scientists dedicated to serving society. Its development and action plan is guided by three major orientations and twelve objectives.

INRS is the key research institute for partnerships and training of the next generation of scientists.

Our mission

INRS’s mission is firmly rooted in research, as set out in article 1 of our letters patent (PDF), issued October 28, 1998:

“The Institute is dedicated to fundamental and applied research, graduate studies, and researcher training. In keeping with its mission and objectives as a research university, INRS specifically gears its activities towards Quebec’s economic, social, and cultural development as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology stemming from all its fields of study.”

Our vision

INRS is not like traditional universities. Our interdisciplinary research programs are organized into strategic sectors, setting us apart in both the way we develop and execute research projects and in the training we provide to our graduate students.

By virtue of the INRS mission, we are dedicated to research for the betterment of Quebec society.

Fundamental and applied research drives economic, social, and cultural progress. We believe that in a true research institution, these two approaches go hand in hand.

INRS’s public and private partners in Quebec, Canada, and abroad benefit from the full force of this two-pronged strategy as they seek innovative solutions to the pressing issues facing Quebec society.

Our values

Excellence. Interdisciplinarity. Commitment. Equity. Integrity. These are the core values underpinning INRS’s mission of social development.

Our track record in research and research training is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

As researchers, all of us are called to uphold integrity (the very foundation of scientific research), our commitment to the INRS mission, and equity (a key value in our changing world) in our daily work.

Interdisciplinarity is at the core of what INRS is all about, and a value we are proud to promote.