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INRS researchers receive close to $3.6 million from the FRQSC

August 6, 2020 | Audrey-Maude Vézina

Update : September 15, 2020

The Réseau de recherche et de connaissances relatives aux peuples autochtones (DIALOG), led by Professor Carole Lévesque, and the Villes Régions Monde (VRM) Network, led by Professor Sandra Breux, will receive a grant of close to $3.6 million over seven years from the Fonds de recherche du Québec — Société et culture (FRQSC).

“Two of the thirteen strategic clusters awarded funding are at INRS. This is wonderful recognition of our leadership in the social sciences and our spirit of innovation,”

says Hélène Belleau, director of the centre Urbanisation Culture Société in Montréal.
Des chercheuses de l’INRS reçoivent près de 3,6 millions $ du FRQSC

The DIALOG Network

Created in 2001, the DIALOG Network, which includes 40 university researchers and 30 Indigenous coresearchers and contributors, has seen its funding renewed for a fourth time. With more than $1.8 million in support, it will be able to pursue its goal of transforming public policy, including programs for Indigenous peoples. “In attempting to fight inequality, our governments often exacerbate it by imposing categories and norms from broader Quebec society on Indigenous populations,” maintains Professor Lévesque.

Most of the grant will be used to develop a new project: the social mapping of cultural safety in an Indigenous context. This initiative will make it possible to reconfigure programs in consideration of the specific pathways of Indigenous people in terms of health, education, employability, and justice. The grant will enable DIALOG to hold additional editions of Nomadic University and Classe des Sages, unique training programs that bring together Indigenous researchers, students, practitioners, and scholars.

The Villes Régions Monde (VRM) Network

Founded 20 years ago, the VRM inter-university network includes 68 researchers from 10 Quebec academic institutions and some 15 partners from practice settings. This is thefourth time it has received FRQSC support. For Sandra Breux, VRM director since January 2019, the renewed funding is a personal victory. “It was a tremendous challenge, and I’m pleased to be able to continue this incredible work,” she says.

The more than $1.7 million grant will be used to implement “Le kaléidoscope urbain : réfléchir et contribuer aux transformations de la ville.” This key initiative takes a collaborative approach to promoting knowledge on urban issues and provides opportunities for students. 

The VRM network plans to set up a number of new projects and enhance existing ones, including Raconte-moi un terrain. The goal of this knowledge-harnessing initiative is to interview researchers regarding recent field studies. “It’s a different way of disseminating the results of a scientific article. We’ll be doing the same thing with students to showcase their theses and dissertations,” says Professor Breux. The many methods used to share information (podcasts, comics, thematic vignettes, conferences, and summer schools) will help harness the knowledge gained from these projects. 

Congratulations on these two grants!