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Jean-Claude Kieffer and François Légaré honoured by the Royal Society of Canada

November 23, 2016

Update : November 16, 2020

Professors Jean-Claude Kieffer and François Legaré from INRS’s Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications were honoured at the Royal Society of Canada’s (RSC) Induction and Awards Ceremony, held at the Isabel Bader Centre in Kingston on November 18, 2016. They have been elected by their peers in recognition of their accomplishments.
“This peer recognition is a real sign of appreciation of the quality of an academic researcher’s work. We are delighted about the well-deserved recognition that professors Kieffer and Légaré have received and we are honoured to have these two brilliant researchers, who help advance laser science and raise  INRS’s profile,” said Yves Bégin, Vice Rector of Research and Academic Affairs.
Elected to the Academy of Science
Professor Kieffer was inducted into the Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Division of the Royal society of Canada in recognition of his academic and scientific accomplishments. It is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon an academic working in the field of arts, humanities, and sciences. Kieffer is regarded as a leader in Canada and is internationally known in the field of science and ultra rapid laser technology. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated visionary leadership, as evidenced by the creation of the Femtosecond Science Laboratory (ALLS). He has made impressive contributions in the fields of plasma physics, the generation of new X-Ray sources for the health sciences, material, chemical, and organic imaging, and early cancer detection. He is also holds the Canada Research Chair in Ultra Rapid Photonics.
Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics
Professor Légaré was awarded the 2016 Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics by the RSC for his outstanding research in physics. He is the first researcher from INRS to receive this award. He has gained a reputation that extends well beyond our borders for ultrafast molecular imaging, the development of high-power lasers, and  tissue imaging with linear optical microscopy. Among his contributions, he has developed a new approach to laser amplification that is revolutionizing ultrashort pulse lasers and has led to the creation of a spin-off company. Professor Légaré is the recipient of the 2015 Herzberg medal and director of the Femtosecond Science Laboratory (ALLS). 
Légaré was doubly honoured, as he also became a member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. He is part of the 2016 cohort, comprised of 80 researchers and artists representing the emerging generation of scholarly, scientific, and artistic leaders in Canada.

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This capsule was broadcast during the reception ceremony of new members of the College of  New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

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