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The WAADS condemn the actions of the former director of the Moscow Laboratory

May 16, 2016

Update : November 18, 2020

On behalf of its members, the World Association of Anti-Doping Scientists condemn the actions of the former director of the Moscow Laboratory.

With incredible flimsiness and irresponsibility, the account he made of his unacceptable behavior is coloured with satisfaction and pride.   Our association was founded to maintain excellence in the science and practice of anti-doping programs in the interest of athletes.  As all of them who trusted us to abide by the rules, we feel betrayed even more so, those of us who invested time and efforts to assist the laboratory established in Sochi during the Games.

We offer our assistance to the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee during the investigations that we trust will result in appropriate sanctions to those who made a mockery of our strong principles.

About World Association of Anti-Doping Scientists (WAADS)

WAADS represents 35 accredited and probationary laboratories and has over 150 members. WAADS and its members dedicate their (professional) life to keeping sports clean to preserve fairplay and minimize health risks. I am proud to say that through our harmonized efforts we make a significant contribution to clean and fair sports.

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Christiane Ayotte
President -WAADS