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Mandatory Trainings to Counter Sexual Violence

Short training sessions are provided to the INRS community to explain the content of the Policy against Sexual Violence and the context in which the Policy was implemented.

To satisfy the training requirements under the Act to prevent and fight sexual violence in higher education institutions, the 10 member institutions of the Université du Québec (UQ) network pooled their efforts to develop shared training materials. Coordinated by Université du Québec and funded at the network level, the project made remote training available for all members of the university community covered by the act.

1. Mandatory Online Training

The training takes approximately 40 minutes and is mandatory. A certificate will be sent once your have completed the traning.

Access the training through the following link Then, click on “Suivre la formation” (Take the training) and then on “INRS”. On your first visit, you will need to create an account and register by choosing your status, either as:  

  • Étudiant (student)
  • Employé (employee), or
  • Étudiant et Employé (student and employee), to go through both trainings. The scenarios and examples used are different for students and employees.

Afterwards, you will also have to choose the language of the training, either French or English.

It is important to view the entire training and complete the evaluation at the end in order to obtain your certification. This will be sent to you by email once your training is completed. If you have taken this training at another institution of University of Quebec (UQ), you do not have to do it again. We invite you to send us a copy of your certification by email to

For any questions regarding the present note or any technical questions regarding the viewing of the training capsule, please write to Please note that your computer must have speakers.

Additional information

The Policy against sexual violence is available in the Documents normatifs section.

Harcèlement psychologique et violences à caractère sexuel

Need help or someone to talk to?

Call 1 888 401-VACS (8227) or write to

Resources are available to the community free of charge and in complete confidentiality.