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Innovating Through Research

Innovating means generating new ideas, improving processes, meeting needs, doing things differently, and anticipating change. INRS has the knowledge, tools, creativity, and know-how to contribute to scientific innovation and train the next generation of highly skilled researchers.

Recherche Hydrologie suivi de la Cryologie eau inrs

Thematic, interdisciplinary research

Scientists in different fields combine their knowledge to study complex research themes in innovative ways. World-class faculty conduct both basic and applied research in cutting-edge research facilities using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.


Training tomorrow’s scientific elite

Master’s and PhD students expand their expertise by working with experienced research teams. As members of extensive research networks, they help develop knowledge and advanced technology. Industry-based training opportunities provide hands-on experience, while other forms of training pave the way for collaborative projects abroad.


Research without borders

Faculty and students explore the world and forge ties with colleagues in Canada and around the globe. Over 110 research and training collaboration agreements have been signed with more than 100 partner institutions in 31 countries. Learn more about our international alliances.


Research partnerships

Research partnerships are a great way to learn a new technology, share ideas, and broaden research horizons. Be it with other universities, companies, or public or community organizations, in Quebec or abroad, INRS builds strategic alliances to help it innovate and push the boundaries of knowledge. Learn more about collaborative research opportunities.


Unique research facilities

Over fifty research facilities help make dreams a reality. Large-scale wave flume, high-intensity lasers, facilities for developing bioproducts and characterizing therapeutic molecules: INRS provides access to state-of-the-art equipment through research collaborations with partners in Canada and abroad.

Laboratoire du contrôle du dopage de l'INRS

Experienced research teams

More than 150 professors recognized in their fields and covered by exclusivity agreements contribute to scientific, technological, and social innovation and train highly skilled researchers in areas of vital strategic importance for society’s future.


Young entrepreneurs

Many students and postdoctoral fellows are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and start up their own companies to commercialize technologies or applications developed during their studies at INRS. Learn more about our startups.

Strength in numbers

Research chairs, groups, and networks bring together the best minds from a variety of disciplines around an issue that needs to be better defined, a question that needs to be studied in greater depth, or a problem that needs to be solved.

Women and minorities in science

We have drawn up an action plan with a number of measures that demonstrate our long-term commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in scientific research.

Fostering innovation

We support our researchers throughout the process of commercializing and transferring their knowledge and technology.