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Jacob Stolle

Areas of expertise

Coastal and fluvial hydrodynamics , Coastal engineering , Hydraulics

Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre

490 de la Couronne Street
Québec City, Quebec  G1K 9A9

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Research interests

Professor Stolle is particularly interested in the resilience of coastal and riverside communities to flooding and erosion. Coastal and fluvial environments perform a range of important functions, including flood protection and coastal stabilization. They also have recreational, environmental, and economic value. With climate change and urbanization, these environments are increasingly threatened.

The main goal of his research program is to understand the constraints on coastal and fluvial environments and how these environments operate as a result of human interventions designed to protect local communities.

Currently, his main research areas are:

Axis 1: Protection against floods and erosion offered by natural environments

Axis 2: Design of infrastructure that is resilient to floods and climate change events

Axis 3: Movement and transport of solid objects during flood events


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