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Leszek Szczecinski

Areas of expertise

Wireless communications , Application of signal processing techniques

  • Professor


450 929-8102


Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre

800 De La Gauchetière W.
Suite 6900
Montreal, Quebec  H5A 1K6

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C. Hermosilla, L. Szczecinski
Performance evaluation of linear turbo-receivers using analytical extrinsic information transfer functions
accepted in EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, special issue on turbo processing, Fall 2004.


C. Hernosilla, L. Szczecinski
Performance Evaluation of Linear Turbo Receivers Using Analytical EXIT Functions
PIMRC’04, Barcelon, Spain, September 2004.


C. Gonzalez, L. Szczecinski, S. Aissa
Throughput Maximization of ARQ Transmission Protocol Employing Adaptive Modulation and Coding
ICT’04, Fortaleza, Brazil, August 2004.


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Iterative Decoding and Iterative Detection in MIMO Receivers: Complexity and Performance Tradeoffs
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Analytical Evaluation of Turbo Multiuser Detection Algorithms
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C. Hermosilla, L. Szczecinski
Exit Charts for Turbo Receivers in MIMO Systems
Proc. ISSPA 2003, Paris, France, July 2003.


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Soft Reed-Solomon decoding for concatenated codes
Proc. CCECE 2003, Montreal, Canada, May 2003.


C. Hermosilla, L. Szczecinski
Turbo Receivers for Narrow-Band MIMO Systems
Proc. IEEE ICASSP 2003.


Szczecinski L., Gei A.
Blind Decision Feedback Equalizers: How to avoid degenerated solutions
Signal Processing, 2002, Vol: 82(11) Page: 1675-1693.


L. Szczecinski, R. Elharti, S. Affes
Turbo-Equalization of Non-Linear Communication Channels
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s Turbo-Equalization Useful in EDGE System?
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L. Szczecinski, F. Piera
Multi User Detection in TDMA Systems Using Decision Feedback Equalizers: Case of IS-136 and GSM
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R. Boroschek, L. Szczecinski, D. Correa, A. Morales, R. Rivas
Detección de propiedades tiempo-frecuencia en registros sismicos chilenos
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A VLSI Architecture of a Piecewise RBF Decision Feedback Channel Equalizer
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