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Xavier St-Denis

Looking for students or interns

Areas of expertise

Social Inequalities , Education and skills , Population Studies and Social Statistics , Social Policies , Social Stratification and Mobility , Sociology of Work, Professions and Organizations

Assistant Professor

Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Centre Urbanisation Culture Société

For more information, visit my website.

Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre

385 Sherbrooke Street E.
Montreal, Quebec  H1X 1E3

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Edward Haddon, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Nicole Antunes Rezende

Graduate Student, M.Sc. in Population Studies, INRS

Victoria Gay-Cauvin

Graduate Student, M.Sc. in Urban Studies, INRS

Chih-lan Winnie Yang

Graduate Research Assistant

PhD Candidate, Sociology, McGill University

Yacine Boujija

Graduate Research Assistant

PhD Candidate, Demography, Université de Montréal

Diana Popescu

Undergraduate Research Intern

B.A. student, Sociology and International Development, McGill University



St-Denis, X. & M. Hollister, “Are All the Stable Jobs Gone? The Transformation of the Worker-Firm Relationships and Trends in Job Tenure Duration and Separations in Canada, 1976-2015,” Work, Employment, and Society (open access version)

St-Denis, X. & M. Hollister, “Varieties of Job Instability? Trends in Job Tenure in the United Kingdom and Germany, 1984-2014,” British Journal of Industrial Relations (open-access version)

St-Denis, X. (2021) “The Changing Importance of Lifetime Jobs in the United Kingdom”, International Labour Review 160(2).

Simard-Duplain, G. & X. St-Denis. (2020), “An exploration of the role of education in intergenerational mobility in Canada using data from the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults”, Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques 46(3): 369-396.

St-Denis, X. (2020), “Sociodemographic determinants of occupational risk of exposure to COVID-19 in Canada”, Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie 57(3): 399-452.


Under review

St-Denis. X., “Worker Capture in the Precarious Work Era: Reducing Turnover without Employee Commitment and Job Security” (Review and Resubmit)

St-Denis, X. “The Brave New World of Unstable Jobs Hiding in Plain Sight” (conditional accept)

St-Denis, X., Denier, N. & M. Hollister, “Labour market transitions during and after an economic shutdown: Assessing the persisting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadian workers” (Review and Resubmit)

Pesando, L. M., Dorélien, A., St-Denis, X. & A. Santos-Lozada, “The Future of Demography: Where are We Headed?” (Review and Resubmit)

Hollister, M., Denier, N. & X. St-Denis, “Should I stay or should I go? The consequences of job mobility on future hiring prospects” (under review)


Research paper series and policy reports

Boujija, Y., Connolly, M., & X. St-Denis. (2023). Mobilité géographique et transmission intergénérationnelle du revenu au Québec. CIRANO, 2023RP-11.

St-Denis, X., & Renée, L. (2022). The relative role of parental income and parental education in child educational achievement and socioeconomic status attainment: A decomposition approach. FutureSkills Research Lab.

St-Denis, X., & Yang, C. W. (2022). Intergenerational transmission of socio-economic status and intergenerational mobility over the early adult life course of Canadian women and men. FutureSkills Research Lab.

St-Denis, X., Boujija, Y. & S. Sartor (2021), Non-linear PSE Pathways and Credential Accumulation: Statistical Portrait and Evaluation of Labour Market Outcomes. Toronto, ON: Ontario Council for Articulation and Transfers (ONCAT).

Longo, M. E., Bourdon, S., Fleury, C., St-Denis, X., Gallant, N., Lechaume, A., Vultur, M. et Vachon, N. (2021). Du premier confinement au rebond partiel : l’impact de la première vague de la pandémie de la COVID-19 sur l’emploi des jeunes de 15 à 34 ans au Québec. Québec : INRS.

Harding A. & X. St-Denis (2021), “Low-Income Statistics for the Population Living on Reserve and in the North Using the 2016 Census.” Income Research Paper Series. Ottawa: Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 75F0002M).

Simard-Duplain, G. & X. St-Denis (2020), “Assessing the suitability of intergenerational mobility estimates using data from the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults.”Longitudinal and International Study of Adults Research Paper Series. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 89-648-X.

Simard-Duplain, G. & X. St-Denis (2020), “Sample selection in tax data sets of intergenerational links: Evidence from the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults.”Longitudinal and International Study of Adults Research Paper Series. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 89-648-X.

St-Denis, X., Longo, M. E., Bourdon, S., Fleury, C., Lechaume, A. et Gallant, N. (2020). Les jeunes québécois sans emploi durant la COVID-19 : augmentation du chômage, difficultés de sortie du non-emploi et augmentation des mises à pied permanentes – Feuillet statistique La jeunesse en chiffres, n° 5 (novembre). Québec : Chaire-réseau de recherche sur la jeunesse du Québec.