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Decontamination and Waste Reclamation

Every year, the world’s cities produce some 1.3 billion tons of solid waste, even though these materials have a high potential for reclamation. To tackle the waste recovery and reclamation challenges facing today’s society, continuous efforts must be made to adapt the methods and technologies used.

INRS is a leader in the development of environmental technology. Research teams have extensive experience in the treatment and reclamation of effluent, contaminated waste, and sewage sludge.

INRS boasts an extensive and flexible array of pilot equipment and analytical instruments to conduct innovative research on decontamination and reclamation. Processes developed are regularly patented or transfered to industry.

Faculty work to develop new technology for the treatment, purification, decontamination, biotransformation, and reclamation of various types of waste, including industrial and urban waste.

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