Future Students

If you’re planning to go to graduate school, you need a wealth of information to help you choose your program, find a master’s or doctoral project and a research supervisor, navigate the admissions process, and take advantage of scholarship opportunities.

The Find my path questionnaire, a tool that puts you on the right track

This questionnaire lets you to match your interests with INRS faculty members’ areas of expertise in just a few clicks. It will help you find master’s or PhD projects of interest and faculty members who can supervise you during your graduate studies or research internship. Find a research supervisor.

Choose your program of study

Want to find effective ways to protect, conserve, and develop land and water resources? Create tomorrow’s materials, technologies and communications technologies? Improve human, animal, and environmental health? Enrich our knowledge of social and cultural realities? Our graduate research, professional, short, and dual-degree programs are designed to help you fulfill your ambitions.

Search a master’s ou doctorate project

A good way to find out about student research opportunities is to browse our list of master’s and PhD projects. It also gives you a good idea about our areas of expertise and is an effective way to identify faculty members with research interests similar to yours. Consult our list of research projects.

Discover your research centre

At INRS, you will study in either Quebec City, Montreal, Laval, or Varennes, depending on which of our research centres matches your field of interest. INRS is made up of four interdisciplinary research centres: Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie; Eau Terre Environnement; Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications; and Urbanisation Culture Société.

If you have completed your first year of a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD, you may be able to do an internship at INRS. It’s a chance to explore a new environment and enrich your university experience. We also welcome postdoctoral fellows seeking to maximize their potential.

Calculate your tuition fees

How much will it cost per term to study at INRS? Tuition and other student fees depend on several factors, including your citizenship, level of study (master’s or PhD, choice of option (thesis or non-thesis), and so on.

All full-time students are eligible for our generous scholarship programs. Available support includes INRS scholarships in the pure and applied sciences and social sciences, scholarships for international students and students from outside Quebec, international mobility scholarships, undergraduate internship scholarships, and scholarships from outside funding agencies. Start planning how to fund your studies today!

Make your application

It is important to know the steps, procedures, deadlines, and documents required as well as how to apply. Graduate programs generally require you to secure a research supervisor before you apply. Read the program descriptions carefully to check whether this is a requirement. Learn more about how to apply

Come meet with us and discuss the many possibilities at one of our open house events (learn more on our French website) or one of the educational fairs we attend in Quebec or abroad.

Be engaged

INRS offers a range of services to provide students with a warm and welcoming learning environment conducive to academic success. One thing is certain: joining a student association, helping organize a student conference, participating in a competition like Ma thèse en 180 secondes, or being an INRS ambassador are all ways to enrich your student experience and create strong ties with other members of the INRS community. Learn more about student engagement.

We care about our students’ well-being. Our Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Department provides students with support and guidance by offering training sessions, workshops, learning and psychological support, networking activities, a student recognition program, and more! It also funds projects that promote student involvement in science or that improve student quality of life by encouraging healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle.