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Industry-Oriented Programs

INRS heads up two innovative and interdisciplinary programs that prepare a new generation of students to face emerging technological challenges in the fields of the environment and smart wireless communication.

wireless communications

PERSWADE Program in smart wireless communication and related applications

The development of smart cities and smart electric vehicles and networks calls for multidisciplinary skills. PERSWADE—short for Pervasive and Smart Wireless Applications for the Digital Economy— is a program spearheaded by INRS professor Sofiene Affès. It brings together five universities and ten industry partners in three research areas: smart communications, smart monitoring, and smart management. About 20% of program research is conducted in an industrial setting. Students in the program benefit from seminars, workshops, internships, and collaborative industry-oriented projects.

Funded through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) CREATE program, these initiatives rely on strong collaboration between universities and industry.

Industry-oriented program

TEDGIEER Program in environmental decontamination technologies and integrated water and wastewater management

Created to train highly qualified experts in the responsible management of urban, agricultural, and industrial waste, TEDGIEER is a multidisciplinary program that allows students to conduct research on biological treatments, emerging contaminants, advanced processes, and the northern environment, while spending 20% of their research time in industry. Seven Canadian universities and twelve industrial partners are taking part in the program under the supervision of INRS professor Patrick Drogui.

Top photo : © CREATE TEDGIEER Program