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Geothermal resources and technologies

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Geothermal systems are one of the technologies available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The worldwide expansion of this renewable energy source is due to the development of unconventional resources associated with petrothermal systems where the rock has a low permeability. In this context, closed-loop heat exchangers can be used to extract thermal energy from the subsurface, whether they are shallow and intended to heat a net zero building, or deep and connected to a district energy system. The operation of engineered geothermal systems based on reservoir stimulation can also produce clean electricity.

Professor Raymond’s group is looking for PhD and MSc students to work on the emergence of geothermal technologies. The objective of the research is to improve the understanding of heat transfer mechanisms in geological environments hosting both superficial and and deep geothermal resources. The scientific advances contribute to reducing geological risks to diversify energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to conduct their research in collaboration with various partners from academia, government and industry.

Professor Raymond’s group is based at the INRS Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre in downtown Quebec City. INRS is recognized by Research Info$ource as the number one university in Canada for its research intensity, an important indicator that indirectly reflects the quality of its research programs.

All positions for current projects have been fulfilled. Spontaneous candidatures from highly skilled individuals are accepted and files submitted will be kept for future projects.

Starting Date

Anytime (Fall, Winter or Summer term)

Research Supervision

Jasmin Raymond, INRS Professor

Study Program

PhD or MSc in Earth Sciences, Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre


INRS offers advantageous scholarship programs. Each student receives financial support during their graduate studies. Salary awards are competitive and performance could be encouraged through bonuses. A scholarship supplement would be available for those with an external scholarship.

Required Qualifications

Background in geology or engineering (geological, civil or mechanical). Any other related training will be considered. Publication experience in the geothermal energy field is an asset.

Bilingualism (French, English) is an asset. Thesis at INRS can be completed in English. However, to overcome language barriers and to encourage inclusion in the research team, French courses are offered free of charge if needed to facilitate integration. Graduate studies at INRS can truly be an opportunity to improve French skills sought by employers, for examples within government jobs.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their application to Professor Raymond using the form below. The application must include the following documents: motivation letter, CV, and all university transcripts.

Published - Jasmin Raymond - Geothermal technologies

Project title : Geothermal technologies

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