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Quebec University System

The Quebec university system is similar to that of North America in general. It is composed of three levels: the bachelor’s degree (1st cycle), the master’s degree (2nd cycle) and the doctorate (3rd cycle). A year of study is divided into three terms.

Three universitie’s academic levels

There are three academic levels at Quebec universities:

  • Undergraduate studies: Undergraduate studies normally lead to a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s requires three or four years of study and 90 to 120 credits. INRS does not offer undergraduate programs.
  • Master’s studies: A master’s program normally leads to a master’s degree after one or two years of study. A research master’s consists of 45 credits and includes a theses.
  • Doctoral studies : Doctoral programs (lead to a PhD) after three to five years of study. They consist of 90 credits and a dissertation, which is presented before a jury.

Three terms per year

Quebec academic calendars are divided into three 15-week terms, i.e., the fall term (end of August to mid-December), the winter term (January to April), and the summer term (May to August).

Consult the academic calendar to plan your graduate studies at INRS

Degree equivalency and university glossary

To study at INRS, you must meet the admission requirements for the graduate program you’re interested in and demonstrate a sufficient level of French proficiency.

Check the equivalency of your degree before starting your application process

French is the official language of INRS

French is the official language of INRS. However, proficiency in French is not a selection criterion for admission to a graduate program. Candidates have two years from the time of admission to obtain a functional knowledge of French that meets the requirements of the Test de français international (TFI).

International students enrolled in a regular full-time program and whose first language is not French may take courses (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels). These courses are offered free of charge by INRS in the fall and winter terms. Watch for emails from Student Life Services at the beginning of each term for more information.

Academic Lexicon

Familiarize yourself with the terminology used with help of the university glossary (available in French only).

Have a question? Contact the Registrar's Office.