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Student Record

All INRS students have access to their record in the IDÉ academic portal. This record contains their personal information as well as information related to their academic progress. Your student record will be useful for:

  • Manage your contact information
  • Register
  • Modify your registration
  • Request a leave of absence
  • Change your registration
  • Request an extension
  • Request to change to full-time or part-time
  • Select your courses
  • View your account statement
  • Choose your research topic
  • Submit your research objectives for the term
  • Assess your research activities for each term
  • View your transcript
  • Submit your proposal for your thesis committee
  • Submit your dissertation or thesis electronically
  • Request an embargo
password idé

Access to IDÉ

Your username and password to access the IDÉ academic portal will be sent to you by email by your research center’s student records contact at the same time as you are invited to register for the first time at INRS.

Steps to complet each term in IDÉ academic portal

1. You must register for each term until your final thesis submission or graduation. You will receive an email each term containing the necessary information on how to register.

Your registration will be blocked if you have an outstanding balance of $100 or more. If this happens, please contact the Finance Department ( to pay the amount owing or work out a payment plan.

International students will be unable to register if one of the following documents is due to expire before the end of term: CAQ, study permit, RAMQ card (if the student has one).

2. Choose your courses and activities. When you register in the IDÉ academic portal, it is possible to consult the available courses. Course descriptions are also available in the Find a graduate program directory (available in French only). In the program file, see the Courses tab.

3. Update your contact information, if required.

4. Pay your tuition fees as soon as you receive the invoice. Pay by credit card, cheque, or deduction from your scholarship.

5. Present your research objectives, for a master’s degree or a PhD, at the beginning of term. The objectives will then be evaluated at the end of term.


Contacts for student records

Anne Philippon
Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre
Phone: 450-687-5010

Sylvie Lavoie
Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre, Office 5302
Graduate research-based programs
Phone: 418-654-2622

Patricia Munoz
Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre, Office 5304
Professional Master’s programs
Phone: 418-654-2522

Tatiana Brahmi
Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre, Montreal building
Phone: 514-228-6855

Wassila Foul
Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre Office 1101, Montreal building
Phone: 514-499-8261

Registrar’s Office | Phone: 418-654-3861 | Toll free in Quebec: 1 877 326-5762

Proof of registration transcripts

To obtain a proof of full-time study or an official transcript, you must complete the online request for official documents form.


Do you need to take a break from your studies? You can suspend your studies for a maximum of three terms (exluding parental leave). Talk to your research supervisor.

Note: A leave of absence affects the support you receive and your ability to work if you are a temporary resident.

Changes and withdrawals

As long as you act by the deadlines indicated in the academic calendar, you can change your registration and get a refund, or withdraw from classes without failure.

Academic year

An acadmic year is divided into three terms: fall, winter, ans summer. See the academic calendar for term start and end dates, holidays, and course change and withdrawal deadlines.


Choice and change of supervisor, thesis committee proposal, thesis submission and evaluation report forms, and more: you will find all the forms you need for your studies on the INRS French website, Documents et formulaires utiles pour les études supérieures

University glossary

This online glossary (in French) will help you understand the French terms related to your studies.

Health insurance fees

Tuition fees include health and medical insurance. You can opt out of some insurance. See our French website for more details.

Reference websites:

Social security agreements with other countries (RAMQ – Quebec government website)

Register for health insurance (RAMQ – Quebec government website)

Guides pour réussir ses études supérieures à l'INRS

Succeed in your study project

You have primary responsibility for the success of your research project. So it’s important to make sure you have all the information you need, starting with the Guide to graduate studies. In addition to walking you through your first steps at university, it also tells you how to approach each stage of your academic journey.

Open communication with your research supervisor is key to success. It’s normal for your opinions to differ from time to time or for misunderstandings to occur, but it’s important to be able to talk about them.

In the event of a dispute, or if you are having trouble communicating, notify your program director. If you have a complaint about supervision, you can contact the Student Life and Academic Services (in French).

Questions? Please contact the Registrar's Office.