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Useful Documents and Forms for Graduate Studies

Here are all the forms and documents you will need to make your studies and research project a success.

Research supervisor and co-supervisor

Choosing the right person to lead you through graduate school will shape your time at INRS and, in the long run, your career. Along the way, you may want to change research supervisor. Fill out the form that applies to your situation and send it to the person in charge to receive appropriate follow-up.

Demande d'admission à l'INRS

Writing and presenting research projects

Presenting the results of your graduate project in writing is an important task that takes a lot of time and preparation. You will also need to follow certain best practices when writing your internship report.

To that end, we have created two guides to help you write and present your internship report or thesis. You can find them on our Specialized Documentation and Information Services (SDIS) website (in French).

Submitting research projects

Here is all the information you will need to submit your thesis or internship report.

Jury proposal and evaluation reports

To propose a jury for the evaluation of an internship report or a thesis, log on to the IDÉ academic portal and access the “Proposition de jury” [Jury Proposal] section.

The reviewers and jury members will be asked to evaluate your research. Here are the forms they will need based on your program of study:

Academic certificate or transcript

To obtain a certificate of enrolment, a certificate of completion, or a transcript, simply fill out our online form (in French only).

Leave of absence

Do you need to take time off during your studies? You must first receive the proper authorization. Access the “Absences” [Leave] section in the IDÉ academic portal.

Extending studies

Want to extend your study program? You must fill out the form in the “Prolongations” [Extensions] section of the IDÉ academic portal.

Student exchanges

Would you like to complete part of your studies at another university in Québec? You can thanks to our inter-university agreement.

  • A student from another Québec university (host university) may take courses at INRS and benefit from a maximum of transfer credits, which varies depending on the regulations of the home and the host universities.
  • An INRS (home university) student may take courses at a recognized university if those courses fit into their program of study. Your student file must be in good standing with INRS before you make the transfer request.

Transfer requests are for regular students. You will receive an answer to your application a few days before the start of the semester in question. Find out more about the Agreement between Québec universities to approve studies at an external institution.

How to apply

You must fill in an inter-university transfer authorization form, have it approved by your program director, then submit it electronically to INRS’s Registrar’s Office and, if applicable, to the host university. The form can be accessed and downloaded from the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) website. Fill in the form

To help you with your application, two guides are available on the BCI’s website:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Have questions? Please write contact the Registrar's Office.