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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Doing a postdoctoral fellowship at INRS allows you to broaden your horizons and make full use of your knowledge and know-how. It is an opportunity to expand your professional network and benefit from the expertise of our faculty members to further develop your potential and consolidate what you’ve learned.

Before applying for a postdoctoral fellowship

You must first contact the professor with whom you wish to do your postdoctoral fellowship to verify his or her ability to welcome you to his or her team, and obtain his or her commitment to supervise you.

Browse the list of faculty members

Read our faculty members’ profiles to learn about their areas of expertise, interests, and research projects. This allows you to choose on the basis of your affinities and your personal and professional goals.

You can also filter your search with the Postdoctoral fellowship criterion under the Training openings tab, for an overall view.

Explore the list of postdoctoral fellowships available

Postdoctoral fellows are regularly recruited to work on specific research projects.

Each year, about 100 young scientists complete a postdoctoral fellowship at INRS in the fields of earth, water, and environmental sciences, engineering and advanced technology, bioscience, and social science.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a postdoctoral fellowship, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You earned a PhD less than five years or equivalent.
  • You have obtained a commitment from a faculty member to supervise your postdoctoral fellowship for a specified period.
  • The research work you will undertake as part of the postdoctoral fellowship is related to one of the areas of research at INRS.


  • Length and remuneration

    Postdoctoral fellowships can start at any time and last up to five years, including interruptions other than parental and family leave. Postdoctoral fellows must focus exclusively on the work they agreed to when starting the fellowship.
  • Vacation

    Fellows are entitled to four weeks’ vacation a year for each completed fellowship year.
  • Compensation

    The minimum annual income for a full-time salaried postdoctoral fellow is determined according to the pay rate set annually by the Government of Quebec for doctoral students.

    Postdoctoral fellows with individual scholarships from external organizations for which INRS has been specifically named as the recipient’s host institution are considered as funded postdoctoral fellows. However, post-doctoral fellowships paid by federal granting agencies and Mitacs are considered as salary.

    Funded fellows must receive at least $30,000 from outside organizations. Failing this, the supervisor must supplement the postdoctoral fellow’s income. This supplement is considered a salary.
  • Certificate

    At the end of the fellowship, depending on the supervisor’s evaluation, a postdoctoral fellowship certificate can be issued.
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Your application is successful

You meet all the eligibility criteria and your postdoctoral fellowship application has been accepted? Congratulations! Now complete your application in our academic portal.

The portal is in French. Instructions in English are available to help you complete the application form fields.

Have questions?

Planning to do your postdoctoral research at INRS? If you have any administrative questions about your postdoctoral fellowship, please contact us.

Joanie Lavoie
Scholarship Liaison Officer
Phone: 418 654-1801

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