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La Synthèse: Student Science Journal

La Synthèse is a science journal that democratizes all student research conducted at INRS, from bacteria to cancers, through hydrology and sustainable energy sources, to societal issues.

logo La Synthèse

Master’s and doctoral students explain in plain language their work to their peers and to the general public. The articles are illustrated with photos and short cartoons. The publication frequency is three to four issues per year.

Launched by the student community of the Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre in 2018, La Synthèse is financially supported by several partners. This student project also reaches out beyond written scientific popularization as members of the organizing committee present their research and make the INRS stand out at various events aimed at the general public or student recruitment.

La Synthèse provides students with an opportunity to learn how to explain scientific research in simple terms. Please contact the organizing committee if you want to take part in this adventure!

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Film production committee

The film production committee helps students present their work in video form. The team takes care of filming, animation, editing and sound recording. The are posted on the INRS YouTube account.


Have questions? Want to participate? Contact the organizing committee!