Student Life Services

We care about the well-being and success of our students. That’s why we offer a wide range of resources and services to enable them to evolve in a welcoming, enriching and success-oriented environment.

From the beginning at the end of your studies at the INRS, you can obtain learning aid, psychological support, financial support for an academic or scientific project, help for integration into the labour market, in addition to tailored services if you have special needs. The Student Life Services supports the student community in its projects by offering workshops and training, workshops, networking activities, a student recognition program, and more! It financially encourages projects that promote student scientific life or promote the improvement of the quality of life through the development of healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle.

Contact the Student Services coordinator for more information by phone (418-654-1801) or email (

Parental leave for everyone

Congé parental Parental leave Student Employee

If you become a parent during your studies, it will be possible for you to take advantage of the new financial support program for parental responsibilities related to a birth or an adoption for the student community and staff under grant (PDF). INRS is the only university institution in Quebec to offer this type of support. This program is in line with the institution’s desire to offer its students and research staff, as well as its entire community, an equitable, diversified and inclusive living environment.

Signing up for the program

To benefit from the program, students can consult the program rules (PDF in French only) to determine their eligibility.

Then, simply send the completed application form (PDF in French only) to The same email address can be used for any questions.

Support to make your projects a reality

Studies and Student Life Service supports and assists the student community in its projects by offering workshops and training (ateliers et formations), networking activities, a student recognition program, and more! It also provides financial support for projects that promote student scientific life or improve the quality of life through the development of healthy eating habits (bourse pour les projets académiques ou scientifiques) and a physically active lifestyle.

Supporting your success

From the beginning to the end of your studies at INRS, you will have access to tools that promote learning, psychological support and help for integration into the job market, in addition to adapted services if you have special needs.

Mental Health

Anyone can, at some point in their life, experience personal or professional difficulties.

The INRS has an Employee and Student Assistance Program (PAEE) to help you through this difficult time. The service is free and confidential. Learn more about the PAEE

Help with special needs

Student Life Services deals with requests from students with disabilities or learning disabilities on an individual and highly personalized basis. A variety of tools, services and accommodations are available to help students succeed. If you need help, write to us.

French courses and Quebec expressions

French is the official language in Quebec, although it is generally possible, especially in Montreal, to function in English. If you already speak French, you may have questions about certain Quebec words and expressions. To help you, or simply out of curiosity, consult this small Quebec lexicon (lexique québécois).

Your knowledge of the French language is limited? It is possible and even recommended to start or continue learning French. INRS offers free French courses each term for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). You will receive an email from Student Life Services at the beginning of each term to inform you of the French courses offered.

Student Life Services will help you prepare to study in Quebec (démarches d’immigration).

With 150 professors for 700 students, INRS offers personalized research supervision in a human-sized study environment that attracts students from some 50 countries.

Getting involved in student life to maximize integration

Étudiants ambassadeurs de l'INRSde l'INRS

We are proud to have students who are actively involved in our community and in the university network.

Make your experience at INRS a springboard that will open up vast horizons by engaging in enriching and motivating activities that will allow you to acquire knowledge and develop skills that will complement your graduate training and be useful on the job market.

Certainly, getting involved in a student association, being part of the organizing committee of a student conference, participating in a contest such as 3MT Contest, mentoring students who are just starting their studies, promoting your alma mater by playing the role of ambassador, and sponsoring high school students in the Apprentis Chercheurs program (Apprentis chercheurs) are all ways to enrich your student experience and create strong ties with your colleagues. Find out how you can energize your student life, promote your research and, in turn, your institution!

For more information, please contact the Student Life Services.