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Support for Learning and Academic Success

The INRS student community has a variety of resources at its disposal to support learning, perseverance throughout studies and academic success.

French courses and Quebec expressions

Your knowledge of the French language is limited? It is possible and even recommended to start or continue learning French. INRS offers free French courses each term for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). You will receive an email from Student Life Services at the beginning of each term to inform you of the French courses offered.

French is the official language in Quebec, although it is generally possible, especially in Montreal, to function in English. If you already speak French, you may have questions about certain Quebec words and expressions. To help you, or simply out of curiosity, consult this small Quebec lexicon (lexique québécois).

Help with special needs

Student Life Services provides personalized individual assistance to students with disabilities or learning disorders on an individual and highly personalized basis. A variety of tools, services, and other accommodations may be available to you. If you need help, write to us.

Study Guides

We offer guides that you can refer to frequently during your graduate studies and guides to facilitate your integration at INRS during your first term of study. See all guides

student mentorship

Student Mentorship

To facilitate their integration, students entering their first term of study are accompanied by a peer through the student mentoring program.

Financial support for student projects

If you have a project or activity in mind to:

  • Promote scientific life at university
  • Improve the quality of life at INRS

Consult the program before submitting your request to Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your idea in advance. We encourage all projects that benefit the INRS community. Talk to us about your plans!

Workplace Integration

Every year, INRS holds a career event called Rendez-vous carrière.

  • Networking and professional network
  • Information on the job market
  • Job opportunities

Come check out your options and map your career trajectory!

PROSPERE: help for a succesfull study project

To help you succeed, Université du Québec has created an online questionnaire to provide you with personalized advice when you start your master’s program. The questionnaire, called (PROfil de Succès PERsonnel des Études), covers various topics related to academic success in graduate school. Your answers are used to establish your personal profile. The profile will establish your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the conditions for academic success and also guide you to INRS resources that may be of help. You will then receive your profile report by email.

The questionnaire is for newly enrolled master’s students only. An email with an invitation and a link to the questionnaire is sent out in November (for students starting in the fall term) and March (for students starting in the winter term). Launch the questionnaire

Compilatio, a plagiarism detection tool

INRS uses Compilatio, a plagiarism detection tool, in a joint effort with students to prevent plagiarism.

The Studium section of the application allows you to check the originality of your texts, get help drawing up your bibliography, estimate the percentage of similarities, check borrowed sources, and more!

For access to Compilatio, contact For context-sensitive training, email

Check out the website

Euraxess: supporting professional mobility

EURAXESS is an information platform for students seeking to do a research stay in Europe. It provides information on research and innovation policy in Europe, job prospects and scholarships, and funding sources, as well as personalized professional mobility assistance for one of the 40 European countries that belong to EURAXESS. Membership is free. Check out the website


Thèsez-vous? Writing retreats and online writing services

Is writing papers and thesis a real challenge? Become a member of the Thèsez-vous organization, which offers multiple writing tools, workshops and retreats.

Take information on English tools and workshops: they are just developing, but English retreats are already available. You pay for your membership ($20), and then INRS pays for registration to all activities afterwards. All you need to do is to be registered in a program at INRS at the time of the activity.

Before registering, email from your INRS email address to receive the promotional code that will allow you to register at INRS’s expense. Take advantage of it!

Illustration: © Thèsez-vous?

Workshops and training sessions

Workshops and training sessions are offered each term to help you:

  • Develop your skills
  • Prepare for the job market
  • Learn more about topics you care about

A notification is sent to students who might be interested whenever new activities are added. Consult the schedule of upcoming workshops and trainings

Mental Health

Anyone can, at some point in their life, experience personal or professional difficulties. The INRS has an Employee and Student Assistance Program (PAEE) to help you through this difficult time. The service is free and confidential. Learn more about the PAEE

Have questions? Contact Student Life Services.