Support for Learning and Academic Success

The INRS student community has a variety of resources at its disposal to support learning, perseverance throughout studies and academic success.

We offer guides that you can refer to frequently during your graduate studies and guides to facilitate your integration at INRS during your first term of study.

PROSPERE, a questionnaire to help you through graduate school

To help you succeed, Université du Québec has created an online questionnaire to provide you with personalized advice when you start your master’s program. The questionnaire, called (PROfil de Succès PERsonnel des Études), covers various topics related to academic success in graduate school. Your answers are used to establish your personal profile. The profile will establish your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the conditions for academic success and also guide you to INRS resources that may be of help. You will then receive your profile report by email.

The questionnaire is for newly enrolled master’s students only. An email with an invitation and a link to the questionnaire is sent out in November (for students starting in the fall term) and March (for students starting in the winter term).  

Compilatio, a plagiarism detection tool

INRS uses Compilatio, a plagiarism detection tool, in a joint effort with students to prevent plagiarism. The Studium section of the application allows you to check the originality of your texts, get help drawing up your bibliography, estimate the percentage of similarities, check borrowed sources, and more! Check out the website:

Euraxess: supporting professional mobility

EURAXESS is an information platform for students seeking to do a research stay in Europe. It provides information on research and innovation policy in Europe, job prospects and scholarships, and funding sources, as well as personalized professional mobility assistance for one of the 40 European countries that belong to EURAXESS. Membership is free.

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