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Welcome to INRS! By choosing our university for your graduate studies, you have decided to live a high-level research and training experience. You have also chosen to embark on a unique adventure that offers you personalized supervision and a training program focused on strategic issues for society.

Welcoming International Students and Fellows

Studying at INRS during the COVID-19 pandemic


The pandemic situation is expected to have a more moderate effect on the 2021-2022 academic year. INRS is making every effort to ensure your time at INRS meets your expectations.


Health measures permitting, most instructional activities will be in-person and students will need to be available to get to their campus.

Access to campus and research facilities

All campuses and research facilities should be accessible in a sanitary manner.


In-person mentoring will be preferred depending on health measures, but all staff will remain available via email or video conference. In addition, INRS assigns a mentor to each new person enrolled in a regular program.

Things to do on arrival

1. Submit your legal documents

Contact the student records contact person. Make sure you provide all required documents (CAQ, study permit, etc.)

2. Register

It is important to register as soon as possible. Registration is done through the IDÉ academic portal.

For international students not covered by the RAMQ, registration also activates your membership in the group health and hospitalization insurance plan. Students who are covered by the RAMQ must send a copy of their card to the Registrar’s Office.

3. Get in touch with your mentor

A few weeks before the start of the term, you will be put in touch with a fellow student who knows INRS well: this person will be your mentor! You will meet this person at the beginning of the term. Mentors are matched a few times during the two months prior to the start of the term. Students arriving from abroad must have their study permit approved prior to the match. Learn more about the Student Mentoring Program.

4. Orientation day and information session

In the fall, all new INRS registrants are invited to a welcome day. The invitation is sent by email. This welcome day is important to start your academic career at INRS.

Essentials for your graduate studies

All useful information on the French web page Espace étudiant.

Guides Designed to Welcome You to INRS

Your place of study

Access to the building, parking, dining area, student spaces, access card: familiarize yourself with your research centre, your new study and living environment, by taking note of a number of useful daily information. Click here to discover your place of study!

Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre

Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre

Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre

Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre

Administrative officers for student records

Student Life Services

The Student Life Services (SLS) team is available to answer all your questions at You can also reach the following people:

Yannick Machabée
Student Life Services Officer
Phone: 418 654-1801

Hama Tchamo-Kpona
Phone: 418 654-3815

Student Mentorship

For simple information, the student who mentors you during your first year at INRS will often be able to help you or guide you to the right resource.

Do not hesitate to contact this person who will be a precious ally in facilitating your integration and creating a network of knowledge at INRS! More information

Have questions? Contact the Student Life Services.