Suspension of Activities

Is there a storm? Are the roads snowy and slippery? Are you wondering whether you need to come in to your class,
lab, or office? If conditions warrant, INRS may decide to suspend its activities for safety reasons.

Temporary suspension of activities
If activities are suspended temporarily due to snow, freezing rain, or any other event, INRS will contact the university
community as follows:

— Cancellation of morning activities: Before 7 a.m.
— Cancellation of afternoon activities: Before 11 a.m.

The decision to temporarily suspend activities is based on:
— Weather reports and forecasts issued by Environment Canada
— Road conditions as reported by Quebec’s Ministère des Transports
— The ability of local public transit to continue operating

The closure may apply to one or more buildings at various INRS locations in Quebec. INRS will always clearly
indicate where closures are taking place.
If there are no alerts, you can assume that buildings are open and activities are taking place as scheduled.

Means of communication
INRS will use a variety of communication methods:

— INRS homepage ( and the research centre homepages
— Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
— Email

Absences and late arrivals
For information about excused absences and late arrivals, see the Directive on the Temporary Suspension of INRS