Research Areas-50


Research programs in this area have the following objectives: to develop new approaches to ensure food safety or to shed light on the mechanisms responsible for the development of diseases in humans and animals.  Researchers in this unit also aim to characterize the various major molecular and cellular interactions that occur during infection by viruses, bacteria, or parasites, which could eventually serve as targets for therapeutic intervention.  Researchers conduct detailed characterization of the pathogenic determinants associated with various microbes using cell cultures and a wide range of pertinent animal models.


Large-scale epidemiological studies set out to identify factors that have harmful or beneficial health effects, such as overall environment or work environment, lifestyle, social determinants, and genetic susceptibility. These studies are performed to elucidate the etiology of certain types of cancer and other chronic diseases, infections, and immune dysregulation.


Professors working in this area

Tracie Barnett

Jacques Bernier

Terence Ndonyi Bukong 

Mathieu Cellier

Claude Daniel

Albert Descoteaux

Éric Déziel

Charles M. Dozois

Pascale Duplay

Krista Heinonen

Maritza Jaramillo Patino

Patrick Labonté

Monique Lacroix

Jean-François Laliberté

Alain Lamarre

Marie-Élise Parent

Angela Pearson

Marie-Claude Rousseau

Yves St-Pierre

Simona Stäger

Pierre Talbot

Julien Van Grevenynghe

Frédéric Veyrier 




INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier Centre professors in the Microbiology and Biotechnology research area have chosen three specific niches that significantly contribute to the growth of environmental biotechnology as well as its social and environmental spinoffs. These niches include first increasing our knowledge of microorganisms in their environment and then applying this knowledge to waste treatment and conversion and the use of biological control as an alternative to conventional pesticides that pollute the environment.


Professors working in this area

Annie Castonguay

Philippe Constant

Charles M. Dozois

Claude Dupont

Éric Déziel

Nicolas Doucet

Claude Guertin

Monique Lacroix

Jonathan Perreault

Michel Sylvestre

Frédéric Veyrier

Richard Villemur

Étienne Yergeau 




The Centre’s professors focus on the effects of pollutants on reproduction and infertility, toxicology of pregnancy and development, immunotoxicology and inflammation, liver and breast carcinogenesis, the development of peptide hormones for diagnostic and therapeutic uses, and the illicit use of drugs and medications, particularly with respect to sports doping or performance enhancement. Studies also include peptide signalling and physiological systems, bioorganic chemistry and enzyme inhibitors, drug metabolism and doping control.


Professors working in this area

Christiane Ayotte

Jacques Bernier

David Chatenet

Daniel Cyr

Géraldine Delbès

Alain Fournier

Denis Girard

Steven Laplante

Stéphane Lefrançois

Kessen Patten

Isabelle Plante

Charles Ramassamy

Thomas Sanderson

Cathy Vaillancourt