Why not a university in South County?

5 août 2011

Mise à jour : 5 août 2011

« It’s back-to-school time; you don’t need to have a school-age child to know that. All you need to do is walk or click through almost any type of retailer to know that you’re supposed to be buying backpacks, clothes, crayons, pencils, and lunch boxes. Those of us with older kids are writing large tuition checks and furnishing dorm rooms. All of the economic activity caused by back-to-school preparation reminded me of one of my most fervent wishes for South County: That it would become home to a full-fledged college or university. This item was on my « holiday wish list » for South County last December.




What’s more, the mere existence of a university is an important signal to the world about what a community values, according to Mario Polèse, a professor at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique in Montreal. « In an era that values the knowledge economy, universities bestow a certain prestige on a region, much like the church once did. Without a university, a region feels a bit like an orphan without a true sense of identity, » Polèse told University Affairs. »


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Why not a university in South County?
Morgan Hill Times
Vendredi, 5 août 2011
Journaliste : Lisa Pampuch