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Research and training activities fully resume

INRS has made a successful and agile recovery from the cyberattack that took place in August 2022. Working closely with a firm of cybersecurity experts, our institution has gone through all of the steps necessary to recover from the attack. We have learned from the experience and continue to strengthen the security of all of our networks and IT systems to ensure that research and training activities run smoothly for all of our members.

Protection offered for our students and employees (past and present)

We have made sure to notify all past and present members of our community by all appropriate means. We initially sent Equifax codes to current community members, and have recently extended the offer to past members of our community. Everyone can benefit from the same protection.

To learn more, please read the notice below.

If you have any questions about the incident, please contact us at

Last update: May 30, 2023

Previous communications

September 4, 2022

INRS e-mail addresses are functional

Email addresses with the domain name are back in service.

Members of the INRS community (students, faculty, research staff, administrative staff, postdoctoral fellows) can now send and receive emails with their regular email address.

You can therefore use the links contained on the pages of our website to communicate with us.

The Chief Executive Office

August 29, 2022

INRS is dealing with a cyberattack

We are the target of a cyberattack that occurred on August 17, 2022. In consequence, our systems – including email and phone – are out of use for the time being.

The INRS is taking the matter very seriously and sparing no efforts in dealing with the situation. Our teams are hard at work to get our systems safely back up without delay, in order to minimize consequences on research and academic activities.

At the moment, essential operations are maintained, and buildings are secure.

Adjustments concerning the start of our Fall term 2022 have already been communicated to students, thanks to the remarkable efforts of our professors and employees.

Emergency emails to get in touch with us:

Emergency emails for specifics enquiries:

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

The Chief Executive Office

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