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Are you an INRS graduate? Show your pride by promoting your alma mater and actively supporting its work, both during and after your studies. Staying in touch with your research community can boost your career.

Each year, INRS alumni are recognized and honoured for their achievements in their respective fields.

Have you recently landed a new job? Are you launching a start-up? Have you received a special award or distinction? Has your research been recognized? If so, we want to know!

INRS has awarded more than 3,600 graduate degrees since it was founded in 1969.

Marie-Pierre Ippersiel

Marie-Pierre Ippersiel
Ph. D. Urban studies, 2004
President and Executive Director, PRIMA Québec

Inspiring journeys.
Unique experiences.

A foundation at the service of graduates

The INRS Foundation forges strong ties to foster a sense of belonging among INRS students and alumni. It keeps them abreast of INRS research advances and projects in addition to promoting alumni collaborations and supporting their career development.

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Alumni surveys

INRS surveys its alumni to learn more about their profile, their career situation, and their satisfaction with their studies.

Take advantage of discounts offered to INRS alumni

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