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INRS, first university in Canada

October 17, 2014 | Nadine Blackburn

Update : December 9, 2020

INRS is once again at the top of the list of research universities according to RE$EARCH Infosource 2014 data, climbing in Canada to first place in research intensity and publication intensity in the Comprehensive category. In Quebec it ranks first among comprehensive universities and outperforms all other universities in research intensity.

“The excellence of INRS faculty and its unique approach fostering strategic partnerships with a variety of public and private organizations enable our university to maintain this position year after year.”

Daniel Coderre, rector

In its category, INRS is ranked second this year among universities in Canada. This ranking is based on research intensity, publication intensity, publication impact, and research funding. INRS is number one in the first two criteria.

INRS is particularly notable for its high level of funding per faculty member, which totals an average of $357,600. This amount, which determines research intensity, makes INRS number one among comprehensive universities and number two for all categories combined. INRS’s high research intensity has earned it first place for this criteria five times since 2000 and second place seven times—a truly remarkable performance.

High research intensity demonstrates that the organization’s researchers are adept at proposing innovative projects for the economic development of Quebec and Canada that attract funding from government, industry, and SMB partners. With its four specialized research centres, INRS is known for its basic and applied research in fields such as nanotechnology, photonics, urban issues, health, the environment, and earth and water sciences.