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Jingdan Liu receives the Relève Étoile Louis-Berlinguet award

October 4, 2021 | Audrey-Maude Vézina

Update : October 4, 2021

Postdoctoral fellow Jingdan Liu is recognized for her work published in the journal Optica.

Under the supervision of Professor Jinyang Liang, the young researcher has been awarded the Relève étoile Louis-Berlinguet in September 2021 by the Fonds de recherche – Nature et technologies.

The award, which recognizes research excellence, was presented to Jingdan Liu for her work on a special technique called dispersion-eliminated coded-aperture light field (DECALF). With this breakthrough, the research team was able to track the position of zebrafish in real time and capture the motion in 3D.

Jingdan Liu

“I am incredibly honored to accept this award. I look forward to continuing to work on the development of novel computational imaging systems for biomedicine.”

Jingdan Liu, postdoctoral fellow

“I congratulate Jingdan Liu on this well-deserved award! She is a diligent and creative postdoctoral fellow who accomplishes challenging research tasks with the highest quality. I look forward to continuing working with her to advance the frontier of computational imaging.” says Jinyang Liang

DECALF imaging

This innovative technique uses two digital micromirror devices (DMDs). The first DMD acts as a diffraction element that splits white light into a rainbow and a second DMD cancels the induced rainbow. This way of working allows the use of ambient light or sunlight.

“We are the first to use this design to manage the colour dispersion within the entire visible spectrum. I appreciate the support from my mentor Prof. Jinyang Liang and all Laboratory of Applied Computational Imaging (LACI) members. I also thank the help from the team of Prof. Kessen Patten who I collaborated with for this interesting interdisciplinary project. ” says Jingdan Liu.

The award-winning paper is entitled “Coded-aperture broadband light field imaging using digital micromirror devices”.