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Student Cheng Jiang awarded for the excellence of his papers

February 24, 2023 | julie robert

Update : February 24, 2023

Doctoral student receives for the second time the best student paper award from SPIE

Cheng Jiang, a PhD student in energy and materials sciences at INRS, received the 2023 best student paper award from SPIE – the international society for optics and photonics which held its annual conference earlier this month in San Francisco, USA.

Cheng wins this award under the Emerging Systems and Applications category based on Digital Micromirror Devices for presenting his paper: SPIE Paper 12435-17: Dynamic three-dimensional imaging with cubic-meter-level measurement volume using multi-scale band-limited illumination profilometry

This is the second time the student has received such a distinction. He had won the award in 2021.

“The feeling of winning this award for the second time is indescribable. The recognition associated with receiving this prestigious award has given me renewed meaning and motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of 3D imaging technology.”

Cheng Jiang, PhD student in energy science and materials.

Cheng Jiang, who joined Professor Jinyang Liang‘s team at the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre in 2018, is studying beam shaping and its applications in machine vision and biomedical imaging. His research focuses on using high-speed beam shaping with high precision to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of 3D imaging systems, which are increasingly applied in manufacturing, quality control processes, and entertainment. By enabling faster, more accurate, and more sensitive imaging and inspection systems, beam shaping has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for individuals and communities alike.

“I would like to congratulate Cheng for winning this award for the second time in the past three years. It is well deserved! His dedication to research really pays off. Cheng is on his way to becoming a brilliant scientist. I look forward to continue working with him to advance cutting-edge research in high-speed computational imaging,” adds Professor Liang, also the scientific head of the Laboratory of Applied Computational Imaging.

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