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Release of a Report to the Community at INRS

September 23, 2021

Update : September 23, 2021

To highlight the actions and achievements of its community, INRS is offering a showcase of its activities over the past year.

Between May 1st, 2020 and April 30th, 2021, the members of the INRS community joined forces to achieve their various mandates. This period saw the birth and success of many projects and achievements. Despite the challenges brought forth of the pandemic, creativity and innovation were ever present. The Report to the Community offers a great example of their joint achievements.

This report was presented to the community during INRS Recognition Week. It highlights the excellence of the people, teams, centers and services that make the INRS a dynamic workplace.

INRS is a community with many components. This institution of education and research is made up of people who help to further the ambitions of each and every one of us. This report provides an overview in four sections:

Solidarity among the Scientific Community (COVID-19 special), where INRS actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are presented.

Outstanding achievements, which includes achievements and key moments, whether institutional or from the teams of INRS directorates, services and our four centers.

Awards and Honours, which lists the numerous accolades received by faculty members, student and graduate members and employee members in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

INRS at a glance, which provides, an overview of the past year.

To view the Report to the Community 2020-2021.