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Together for the environment, energy, and health

October 31, 2018 | Stéphanie Thibault

Update : November 4, 2020

INRS is hosting the second International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy, Environment and Health (iCAMP-2018). In its second edition, iCAMP will gather scientists from various fields who will present their latest R&D results on the challenging issues of developing new renewable sources of energy, protecting the environment, and improving population health. The conference will take place in the vibrant city of Montreal from October 31 to November 2, 2018.  More than 150 attendees from some 20 countries over 4 continents will participate to iCAMP-2108.

Advanced materials and processes are increasingly being developed to tackle complex challenges. iCAMP-2018 is an opportunity for scientists and their partners to build bridges between disciplines and draw on the latest advances in order to collectively contribute to find solutions to global issues in health and sustainable development. “The future lies in open innovation—the sharing of knowledge and know-how as part of interdisciplinary collaborations aimed at meeting the challenge of sustainable development. At a rather modest scale, that’s what iCAMP-2018 aims to achieve. By drawing on the various skills and expertises available in its various research centres, INRS can play an important role in this multifactorial and multidisciplinary research,” explained My Ali El Khakani, INRS professor and general chair of iCAMP-2018.

INRS will showcase its leadership at the event by fielding a delegation of more than 20 faculty members from three of its research centres. They will be joined by top-level scientists from four Canadian provinces as well as from other countries, including Japan, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Germany and France. Among the invited speaker, The Distinguished Emeritus Professor Morinobu Endo from Shinshu University in Nagano, who also holds an honorary doctorate from INRS, will give a keynote lecture. The trailblazing work of this international expert in nanocarbon, (especially carbon nanotubes) has revolutionized the production of many new composite materials. One of the topics he will cover is how nanocarbon’s unique properties can be used for wide-scale seawater desalination.

The latest scientific advances in key sectors

During iCAMP-2018, researchers will share their discoveries and their vision of forthcoming scientific developments, including:

  • How advanced materials will help improve solar, photocatalytic, and photodetector technologies
  • Which advanced processes can meet the challenges of treating and decontaminating water, air, and soil
  • What progress is being made in the science of sustainable energy production and processing, e.g., solar, biomass, and hydrogen
  • Whether chemical and biological processes can be improved to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly 


October 31 to November 2, 2018
Holiday Inn, 999 rue Saint-Urbain
Montréal (Québec) CANADA  H2Z 0B4