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Fabio Boschini

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Areas of expertise

Ultrafast spectroscopies of condensed matter

  • Professor

Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre

1650 blvd Lionel-Boulet
Varennes, Québec  J3X 1P7

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Research interests

In my research program ultrafast laser pulses will be used as “tweezers” to control and drive new quantum phases of matter with no equilibrium counterpart. This will be mainly achieved via (i) Floquet band-structure engineering and (ii) coherent resonant excitation of collective modes. The former relies on time-periodic external perturbations to fold and reshape the electronic band structure of the system (for instance, opening electronic gaps); the latter approach takes advantage of resonant couplings between light and bosonic modes: in a scenario where a specific lattice vibration (phonon) is driven, electron-hopping between different atomic sites may be transiently controlled. Both these approaches pave the way for a selective control of fundamental properties of quantum materials, such as topology, charge/spin orders, and electron interactions as paradigmatic examples.

This research will be carried out using a state-of-the-art time- and angle-resolved photoemission (TR-ARPES) endstation at the Laboratorie de Sources Femtosecondes (“Advanced Laser Light Source”), an international laboratory facility at INRS-EMT. TR-ARPES provides direct access to the photoinduced ultrafast dynamics of the electronic band structure, offering a preferential way to explore and optimize new light-driven phases of matter.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics, Politecnico di Milano (2006-2009)
  • Master’s degree in Engineering Physics, Politecnico di Milano (2009-2011)
  • Doctorate in Physics, Department of Physics, Politecnico di Milano (2012-2015), supervisors C. Dallera and E. Carpene
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Quantum Matter Institute, University of British Columbia (2015-2020), supervisor A. Damascelli
  • Professor at INRS-EMT …
  • MIUR PhD Grant, Scholarship (2012-2014)
  • SBQMI-IQ CFREF joint project proposal, Grant (2019) – Title: Planckian dissipation in strange metals. PIs: L. Taillefer, F. Boschini, A. Damascelli


Collapse of superconductivity in cuprates via ultrafast quenching of the phase coherence, Nature Materials 17, 416-420 (2018) Credits: Christopher Gutierrez


Current supervisor/future collaborator: A. Damascelli at SBQMI/UBC for equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium ARPES

Canadian Light Source (CLS) for resonant energy-integrated x-ray scattering (REIXS) and ARPES measurements

Collaboration: E. H da Silva Neto, Assistant Professor at Yale University for equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium ARPES and REIXS measurements

Network: LCLS-SLAC free-electron laser (local contact G. Coslovich) for time-resolved XRD

Network: BaDElPh ARPES beamline at ELETTRA synchrotron


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