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François Vidal

Areas of expertise

Numerical modeling of plasmas , DFT modeling of materials

  • Professor


450 929-8102


Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre

1650 Lionel-Boulet Blvd.
Varennes (Québec) J3X 1P7

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Research interests

Professor Vidal is interested in modeling and simulating physical phenomena of different natures. His recent research activities mainly concern plasma physics (kinetics of discharge plasmas, laser-produced plasmas, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, nanoparticle formation in plasmas) as well as ab initio modeling of material properties (multiferroics, metal-organic frameworks, doping) and physico-chemical phenomena (catalysis, pyrolysis).


Publications 2019 – février 2020
116. K. Rifai, L. Özcan, F. Doucet, K. Rhoderick, F. Vidal, “Ultrafast  elemental mapping  of platinum group elements  and  mineral identification  in platinum-palladium ore using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy”, accepted for publication in Minerals (February 2020).
115. F. Théberge, F. Vidal, G. Nadeau, V.  Issa, J.-C. Kieffer, “Generation of confined plasma ball propagating along discharge channels: A comparison with ball lightning”, accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. Research (February 2020).
114. K. Rifai, L. Özcan, F. Doucet, N. Azami, L. Deshays, A. Lebbardi, F. Vidal, “Quantification of copper, nickel and other elements in copper-nickel ore samples using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy”, accepted for publication in Specrochimica Acta B (January 2020).
113. H. Zhao, C. Wang, G. Liu, D. Barba, F. Vidal, G. Han, F. Rosei, “Efficient and stable hydrogen evolution based on earth-abundant SnSe nanocrystals”, accepted for publication in Applied Catalysis B-Environmental (December 2019).
112. F. Vidal, “A perturbative approach to self-phase modulation and self-steepening of short laser pulses propagating in nonlinear media”, accepted for publication in J. Phys. B (December 2019).
111. K. Rifai, L. Özcan, F. Doucet, N. Azami, L. Deshays, A. Lebbardi, F. Vidal, “Rapid quantification of phosphate slurries and pressed pellets using laser-induced reakdown spectroscopy”, accepted for publication in Specrochimica Acta B (September 2019).
110. K. Wang, X. Tong, Y. Zhou, H. Zhang, F. Navarro Pardo, G. S. Selopal, G. Liu, J. Tang, Y. Wang, S. Sun, D. Ma, Z. M. Wang, F. Vidal, H. Zhao, X. Sun, F. Rosei, “Efficient Solar-driven Hydrogen Generation Using Colloidal Heterostructured Quantum  Dots”, accepted for publication in Journal of  Materials Chemistry A (June 2019).
109. F. Gervais*, K. Rifai, P. Plamondon, L. Özcan, F. Doucet, F. Vidal, “Compositional tomography of a gold-bearing sample by Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy”, accepted for publication in Terra Nova (June 2019).
108. G. Zhang X. Yang, M. Dubois, M. Herraiz, R. Chenitz, M. Lefèvre, M. Cherif, F. Vidal, V. P. Glibin, S. Sun, J.-P. Dodelet, “Non-PGM electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells: Effect of fluorination  on the activity and the stability of a highly active NC_Ar+NH3 catalyst, accepted for   publication in Energy and Environmental science (June 2019).
107. Q. Wei, M. Cherif, G. Zhang, A. Almesrati, J. Chen, M. Wu, Y. Hu, T. Regier, T.-K. Sham, F. Vidal, S. Sun, “Transforming reed waste into a highly active metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction”, Nano Energy 62, 700 (2019).
106. V. P. Glibin, M. Cherif, F. Vidal, J.-P. Dodelet, G. Zhang, and S. Sun, “Non-PGM   electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells: hermodynamic stability and DFT evaluation of fluorinated FeN4-based ORR catalysts”, accepted for publication in the Journal of Electrochemical Society (April 2019).
105. M. Clerici, A. Bruhács,  D. Faccio, M. Peccianti, M. Spanner, A. Markov, B.E. Schmidt, T. Ozaki, F. Légaré, F. Vidal, and R. Morandotti, “Terahertz Control of Air Lasing”, accepted for publication in Physical Review A (April 2019).
104. J.-S. Boisvert, F. Montpetit, F. Vidal, J. Margot, and L. Stafford, “Time and space-resolved experimental investigation of the electron energy distribution function of a helium capacitive discharge at atmospheric pressure”,  J. Phys D. 52, 245202 (2019).
103. B. Santos, L. Cacot, C. Boucher, F. Vidal, “Electrostatic enhancement factor for the coagulation of silicon nanoparticles in low-temperature plasmas”, Plasma Sources Science and Technology 28, 045002 (2019).
102. G. S. Selopal, M. Mohammadnezhad, F. Navarro-Pardo, F. Vidal, H. Zhao, Z. Wang, F. Rosei, “Colloidal heterostructured quantum dots sensitized carbon nanotubes-TiO2 hybrid photoanode for high efficiency hydrogen generation”, Nanoscale Horizons 4, 404 (2019).
101. G. S. Selopal, H. Zhao, G. Liu, H. Zhang, X. Tong, K. Wang, J. Tang, X. Sun, S. Sun, F. Vidal, Y. Wang, Z. M. Wang, and F. Rosei “Interfacial Engineering in Colloidal “Giant” Quantum Dots for High-Performance Photovoltaics” Nano Energy 55, 377 (2019).