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Julien van Grevenynghe

Areas of expertise

Immunology and Virology

  • Associate Professor

450-687-5010 ext. 4120

450 686-5501


Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre

531 des Prairies Blvd.
Laval, Quebec  H7V 1B7

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Research interests

In addition to metabolic disturbances, modern antiretroviral therapy (ART) is unable to counteract immune defects that are associated with residual inflammation alongside viral persistence. To eventually achieve ART termination, it is critical to find new ways to boost protective immunity which includes the restoration of long-lasting memory T-cells in HIV-1-infected patients. In this context, my research group concentrates his work on the characterization of molecular and metabolic disturbances that are responsible for defective T-cell-mediated immunity in HIV-1-infected patients.
Our work also includes the use of a rare group of naturally protected individuals, called the elite controllers.  Understanding the molecular mechanisms driving the natural protection against VIH-1 is a powerful tool for the design of targeting therapies in the other groups of infected patients.
Of note, our laboratory employs several modern experimental approaches including multi-parameter and imaging flow cytometry as well as Seahorse metabolic flux analyser.