Mario Bergeron

Professeur INRS

Areas of expertise

Mineral and environmental chemistry , Chlorination , Platinum chemistry , Silicon chemistry

  • Associate Professor at INRS

418 654-2611

418 654-2600


Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre

490, rue de la Couronne
Québec (Québec)  G1K 9A9

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Publications significatives

BERGERON, M., LANGLAIS, A., OURRIBAN, M., PELLETIER, P., 2014. Dry chlorination process to produce anhydrous rare earth chlorides. PCT patent application: CA 2014051118; 57 p.

BERGERON, M., LANGLAIS, A., 2013. GeCl4 and/or SiCl4 recovery process from optical fibers or glassy residues and process for producing SiCl4 from SiO2 rich materials. Patent Australia: 200833180; Patent China: 200880125481.1; Patent Eurasia: 201070685; Patent Indonesia 201002291; Patent Japan 2010536299; Patent Republic of South Africa: 201004683; Patent USA: 12/746,267; 52 p.

BERGERON, M., RICHER-LAFLÈCHE, M., 2012. A process for recovering platinum group metals from ores and concentrates. Patent Australia: 20042573115; Patent Canada: 2,531,913; Patent Republic of South Africa: 200600207; Patent USA: 7,972,412; 27 p.

BERGERON, M., RICHER-LAFLÈCHE, M. 2009. A method for increasing the chrome to iron ratio of chromite products. Patent Canada: 2,514,830; Patent Europe: 1590494 B1; Patent Republic of South Africa: 20055669; Patent USA: 10/544,214; 20 p.