Salim Timo Islam

Areas of expertise

Microbial biochemistry

531, boulevard des PrairiesLaval (Québec)  H7V 1B7Canada

Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre

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Research project for a Master’s student in Applied Microbiology or Doctorate in Biology :Contact-Dependent Communication and Coordination in Bacteria (PDF) Project DescriptionOur laboratory studies single-cell and group behaviours that are essential for microbial development.  We are particularly interested in contact-dependent communication and coordination in bacteria, including the role played by polysaccharides in these phenomena.  This research aims to better understand microbial antagonism and commensalism, particularly through study of the recently-revealed dynamic nature of the outer bacterial membrane and how it affects the detection of, and reaction to, external stimuli.  Research advances will ultimately aid in the development of novel control strategies for bacterial colonization and establishment in environmental and host backgrounds. Research Fieldsbiochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, structural biology, genetics, optical & fluorescence microscopy, microfluidics, mass spectrometry