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Smart Pedestrian Cities Laboratory

The Smart Pedestrian Cities Laboratory (VIP), a unique facility in the field of pedestrian mobility, aims to give citizens the opportunity to be active players in the “smart city.” The lab’s mission is to document the pedestrian experience, empower pedestrians as key stakeholders in smart cities, and help develop technological and other tools to make utilitarian walking a viable method of urban travel.

Based on immersive experiments conducted with volunteer pedestrians, urban planners and developers, as well as pilot projects promoting utilitarian walking, VIP seeks to promote walking as a recognized mode of transportation that is both pleasant and accessible to all. It also aims to take a critical look at smart cities and their impacts.

VIP documents pedestrian experiences using data collection kits composed of:

  • Portable ZEPHYR monitors to measure participants’ heart rates
  • GARMIN VIBR Ultra 30 portable cameras with integrated GPS
  • Moto G mobile phones reconditioned for location calibration and audio recording
  • SCAN MEDICAL aging simulator
  • Stroller and sled for children
  • GO PRO HERO 7 video camera
  • Tablet computers
  • VIP also has cutting-edge computer equipment for analyzing and storing data.

VIP is available to faculty members, students, and research staff at the INRS Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre for their research projects. Lab resources can also be used for external collaborations or R&D contracts. Contact us

  • Land use and urban planning
  • Road network planning
  • Pedestrian planning
  • Public safety (during events)
  • Technological or other mobility planning tools
  • Development of smart projects
  • Technology development
  • Public health and injury prevention

VIP Lab was created with funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Opportunity Fund.


Marie-Soleil Cloutier
Professor and Scientific co-head
Phone: 514-499-4096

Sandra Breux
Professor and Scientific co-head
Phone: 514-499-4059

Smart Pedestrian Cities Laboratory

Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre

385 Sherbrooke E

Montreal, Quebec  H2X 1E3


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