Student Associations

The student associations at INRS support their members throughout their studies and promote their research activities. They also work to ensure that students take full advantage of their time at the institution by organizing numerous recreational, social, and cultural activities. The associations are all members of FEINRS, the INRS student federation.

Fédération des étudiants de l’INRS (FEINRS)

FEINRS is made up of student associations from all the research centres at INRS.

FEINRS promotes exchange and collaboration between its members on subjects of common interest. Its mission is to bring students from the four INRS research and training centres together and promote interdisciplinary scientific exchange and dialogue by organizing activities such as inter-centre conferences.


Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre Student Association (AECETE)

The Centre Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre student association represents all students in water and earth sciences at INRS.  

Its mission is to protect and promote the educational, social, economic, and research interests of its members. It promotes student engagement in the community by serving as a resource and by initiating discussion, debate, and reflection. It represents its members to the centre, INRS, Université du Québec, other INRS student associations, and other organizations. It ensures that the teaching and supervision provided to its members is commensurate with a quality graduate studies program. It informs its members about changes and events at the centre, INRS, and Université du Québec that are likely to interest them or improve or affect their student life and education. AECETE regularly organizes social, sports, and scientific activities.


INRS Energy and Materials Science Student Committee (CEISME)

The INRS Energy and Materials Science Student Committee (CEISME) represents master’s and doctoral students at the Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre in Varennes.

CEISME’s mission is to improve student life and support its members throughout their studies. It organizes social and cultural activities to strengthen ties among its members. CEISME encourages its members to take advantage of cultural events (e.g., concerts, museum exhibitions). by reimbursing part of the cost. CEISME is also a member of several organizations (FEINRS, the INRS Academic and Research Committee, and the faculty council), which enables it to effectively express and advance students’ interests and demands.


Elissa Haddad, president,

INRS Telecommunications Student Association (AEINRST)

The INRS Telecommunications Student Association (AEINRST) represents students at the Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre in Montreal.

AEINRST’s mission is to protect its members’ rights and help them integrate into student life at the centre. It takes part in faculty meetings to defend its members and express their needs. AEINRST also offers social and cultural activities to create a friendly and welcoming environment for its members (trips in Canada and abroad, restaurant meals, sports activities, outings) and reimburses part of the costs

  • Nesrine Cherif, acting president, 514 343-3616, ext.102
  • Luca Zanotto, treasurer
  • Navathej Preetha Genesh, secretary

Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre Student Association (AGEIAF)

AGEIAF, founded in 1984, represents all students at the Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre.

Its main mission is to defend the interests of its members. When academic or institutional issues of interest to its members arise, the association organizes discussions to determine a common position and then acts as intermediary with the university administration.

AGEIAF also organizes social activities to bring students together. AGEIAF has an active green committee that promotes environmental initiatives and helps raise awareness among the students and staff at the Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre.


Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre student association (AEUCS)

The student association of the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre (AEUCS) represents INRS social science students in Quebec City and Montreal

AEUCS works actively to represent the collective and individual interests of its members and to ensure their wellbeing. It represents its members to INRS and the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre, organizes activities around issues of concern to its members, and encourages discussion and debate at general meetings

AEUCS helps make new students feel at home, promotes collaboration and exchange among its members, and organizes social, cultural, and academic activities. To help make the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre an exciting and pleasant place to study, AEUCS has teamed up with staff and faculty members to set up a green committee, which manages the flower and vegetable garden alongside the building. AEUCS also promotes members’ research activities through its support fund and study tours. It organizes a number of activities jointly with ADECSEUR, the urban studies graduate student association at Université du Québec à Montréal. These include a student urban studies seminar and the Terrains vagues initiative which offers a series of entertaining scientific events that adopt a multimedia, multisensorial approach to thinking about the urban environment in conventional and not-so-conventional public spaces.