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Student Associations

The student associations at INRS support their members throughout their studies and promote their research activities. They also work to ensure that students take full advantage of their time at the institution by organizing numerous recreational, social, and cultural activities. The associations are all members of FEINRS, the INRS student federation.

INRS Student Federation (FEINRS)

FEINRS is an umbrella association representing the student associations from all INRS research centres. It facilitates student dialogue and coordination on matters of common interest. Its mission:

  • Defend and promote the rights and interests of its members on matters of common interest, including:
    • Tuition fees, ancillary fees, and other fees paid to INRS
    • The management, administration, and payment of INRS and external scholarships
    • Academic affairs (program evaluation and modification, amendments and additions to statutes and regulations)
    • Management of group insurance (health and dental)
    • Compliance with INRS regulations by the administration and faculty
    • Health and safety conditions in INRS laboratories
    • Any other needs included in this framework identified by members
  • Officially represent its members before any body deemed relevant to promote their rights and interests.
  • Promote, protect, and develop the scientific interests of its members and INRS students in general.
  • Connect students from local member associations in order to foster a sense of belonging to INRS and create opportunities for social and scientific

To contact FEINRS, write to

Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre Student Association (AECETE)

AECETE represents all students in water and earth sciences programs at INRS. AECETE’s mission is to protect and promote the educational, social, economic, and research interests of its members. The association promotes active student engagement by serving as a resource and initiating discussion, debate, and reflection. It represents its members to the Centre, INRS, Université du Québec, other INRS student associations, and other organizations.

It ensures that the teaching and supervision provided to its members is commensurate with a quality graduate studies program and informs them about changes and events at the Centre, INRS, and Université du Québec that are likely to interest them or improve or affect their student life and education.

AECETE regularly organizes social events (happy hours, wine+cheese, Halloween parties), environmental initiatives (Bring Your Own Mug Friday, Summer Garden, Zero Waste Day), sports outings (hockey, soccer), and scientific events (guest speakers, lunch talks, lunch movies).

To contact AECETE, write to

INRS Energy and Materials Science Student Committee (CEISME)

This committee represents students at the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre in Varennes.

CEISME has two missions: to support students throughout their academic journey and to improve student life at the Centre. It helps its members participate in
university life, putting them in touch with resources and providing all sorts of assistance, and supports them in the event of a dispute or disagreement with professor.

CEISME has a seat on various bodies, including FEINRS, the INRS Academic and Research Committee, and the faculty council, where it advocates to advance the concerns of the student community. CEISME also organizes or helps organize all manner of social and cultural events to build relationships between its members, including barbecues, corn roasts, coffee & doughnut get-togethers, Holi celebrations (the Indian festival of colours), and more.

CEISME encourages members to take advantage of cultural events (concerts, museum exhibitions) by reimbursing part of the cost. The group also participates in master’s seminars, an important milestone for many of its members. CEISME is member-run and member-focused. Anyone interested can share their ideas and get involved in the association.

To contact CEISME, write to

INRS Telecommunications Student Association (AEINRST)

This association represents graduate students at the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre in Montreal. AEINRST works to defend students’ rights and help them get settled at the Centre. It takes part in faculty meetings to advocate for its members and express their needs. It also offers a range of social and cultural activities (reimbursing members for some of the costs) to foster a friendly and collegial environment for students, including excursions, restaurant outings, sports activities, board game nights, barbecues, and all sorts of other fun.

To contact AEINRST, write to

Heath Biotechnologies Student Association (AESBI)

The INRS Biotechnology Health Student Association (AESBI), previously known as the General Student Association of the Institut Armand-Frappier, was founded in 1984. It represents all the students of the Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie research centre. Its primary mission is to advocate for the interests of the Research Centre’s student community. When academic or institutional issues of interest to its members arise, AESBI coordinates conversations to determine a common position and then acts as intermediary with the university administration.

The association also organizes social activities to bring students together. This mission is all the more important since the Research Centre is home to students from very diverse backgrounds, and good communication is paramount. AGEIAF also has an active green committee that supports environmental initiatives and helps raise awareness among the students and staff at the Research Centre.

AESBI’s Facebook group share the latest information on events, activities, meet-ups, announcements, representatives, and more. It’s a great place to share experiences, concerns, laughs, and tips about student life. The group is managed by students, for students.

To contact AESBI, write to

Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre Student Association (AEUCS)

The Student Association of the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société (AEUCS) represents students in the social sciences at INRS, i.e. students in the following graduate programs: urban studies, population studies and knowledge mobilization, in Quebec City and Montreal. More information on the French website.

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