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How to Apply

Want to study at INRS University? If so, you must submit an application for admission. But beforehand, you must first select your program of study and find a research advisor who will supervise your work.

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Choose your program of study

INRS University offers 14 thematic master's, 8 doctoral programs specialized, 2 short programs and one DESS in strategic areas of research. We invite you to learn more by consulting our programs of study.



Find a research advisor

Admission to a research program (with master's thesis or doctoral dissertation) is conditional upon acceptance by the INRS professor who will direct your work. Therefore, you should carefully review the admissions requirements described in the program of study that interests you before completing and submitting your application and supporting documentation.


Continuously seeking new researchers for their teams, certain professors post their suggestions for master's and doctoral research projects. Such projects could ultimately become the topic of your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation. Please see the List of the Professors at INRS to find a research advisor in line with your interests. Contact professors directly to see if they have a place for you on their team.


If you submit an admissions application for a professional program (without thesis), you do not have to find a research advisor.



How to Apply

1. Fill out your admissions form

You must complete your admissions application using our online form. Candidates must submit an application for admission prior to the following dates:

• November 1st for the winter session

• March 1st for the summer session

• March 30th for the fall session



2. Submit the required documents

When you have completed the application form, please collect the following documents and mail them to the Registrar's Office:


Bureau du registraire

Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

490 de la Couronne

Quebec City, QC  G1K 9A9



Please send in all required documents as soon as possible. In order to expedite processing of your admissions application, it is important that you write your desired program of study on the mailing envelope. Your file will be sent to the program committee for evaluation once all supporting documents and the application fee have been received by the Registrar's Office. All documents submitted as part of the admissions application remain the property of INRS.


a) Birth Certificate (original or certified copy of the original)

This document will be returned to you at your request if accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. The document submitted must include first and last names of your parents and your place of birth. Any document that was not issued in French or English must be accompanied by a notarized French translation performed by a certified translator.


b) An official transcript and an official document certifying that you have obtained the diploma you are using as a basis for your admission.

It is strongly recommended to have your previous educational institution send your transcript directly to the INRS Registrar's Office.


c) Three reference letters

These reference letters should be written by three people who are familiar with your aptitude for research (demonstrated or potential) and/or your professional expertise. Ask your references to complete the online form - Reference Form.


d) A cheque or money-order for the sum of $45 payable to INRS

Payment must be made Canadian dollars. If you are not Canadian, please use an international money-order or international bank draft. Please note that candidates from INRS or the Université du Québec network are exempt from these application fees.



3. Receive your answer

The Registrar's Office will notify you of the admissions decision and inform you of the next steps to take.